Saving Yourself


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You’ve survived a lot of stumbling blocks and hurdled away many misadventures. You already drowned into the infinity of oceans and climb over both the capstone and rock bottom of mountains and valleys on your way to the pinnacle. I know you’ve been embarrassed a couple of times, you have struggled to get out of bed because you had once lost your provocation to keep going, you have been feeling lost and an outcast to your social sphere, you have been engulfing your self with too much emotions that sometimes the ache and sting that persist to live inside of you hurts twice as much, you have been pushing your self so hard to live in accordance to the norms of the many, you have been trying to fit in to the society because you saw your worth weighing weightlessly on the scale, you have been de-escalated from academic and social facet and have been derailed from your goals, and I know that all this time, you are not living-that you are just pretending to live. I know you’re tired of secluding yourself beneath that mask. I know you are barely living under your own skin. I know you are not loving yourself as much as you did from three years ago. I know you are tired of this world. I know you are tired of merely surviving. But don’t give up just yet. What you think of yourself and what others think of you does not reflect your value, your aptitude, your capability, and your totality. There really will be days that you would feel that the weight of the world is o your shoulders. There will be days that you would feel lost. There will be days that you will stumble and you will fall and you will cry a river of tears. There will be days that rain would pour heavier than the usual. There will be days that it will all get tough. But you know what? You can stop surviving. You should start living. And by living, you do not endure with the world. You try to live with its callousness. You try to be gentle with yourself. You love more and despise less. You live with your own skin and let the mask fall off. You thank all your battles and cherish all your scars and reckon it all as good memoirs of your past adventures, and more than anything you learn that not all the time you have to jump of a cliff or fall from mountains. There will be days that you have to breathe deep then slowly, you fly.



17th Birthday



17 years of awesomeness. 17 years of transcendence. 17 years of abundance. 17 years of a life inside the purlieu of God’s hand and my family and friend’s side. 

Thank You so much, Lord for always giving me strength to keep going, hope to keep on pursuing, and love to continue touching people. I always am grateful and thankful for everything you bestow upon me, Lord, may you always guide me, my family and friends. Thank You for everything!



17 years ago, I’ve received one of the greatest and momentous gift I could ever possibly received: it’s them—my source of strength and my cradle for grandeur love. For that, I am sincerely, heartily, and eternally thankful to You, Lord!

Thank you for making my birthday celebration worthwhile and possible. To the three of you, I love you!

Attention Seekers (Main Squad)


5 years ago, I’ve seen many strange and alien faces. Today, I see and perceived them as my doses of laughter, one of my sources of alleviation from academic ordeals, and beyond all, my nonbiologically sublime family.

Love you to the moon and back, TTNTN SKRS!

The Kages (Squad)


13 months ago, never have I imagined to befriend with these people. It all started with one rendezvous, and unfathomably, the next second, we are writing pages.

Love you, KGs!

Comborats (Squad)


10 months ago, I once said that I’ve met amazing people. And they proved me wrong because they went beyond this word. They’re not just amazing people. They are a transcending one.

Love you, CMBRTs!

You Are Your Own Light

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There will be days that you will feel utterly small. Like you don’t matter to anyone or to anyplace. Like your mere presence doesn’t make a difference to the world at all. It would feel as though you are screaming on top of your lungs but no one seems to hear you. Or as though you are trying so hard to be noticed but you remained unnoticed.

If the world does not recognize your spectrum, keep on illuminating. You are not the center of the world but the world would be not this beautiful if you weren’t here. You are already a part of everyone you meet and every places you’ve been. You do have a weight on the scale and you do matter. The world is just too blinded by your light that they cannot fathom how beautiful you are.



This blog is my attempt to parcel out some of the highlights that transpired over the course of my life which enclosed my personal narratives, traveling experiences, as well as my writings.

Personal Narratives


In this marker, I would put on display some of my unforgettable and preeminent moments that I have stumbled upon. One of which is family gatherings and our bonding, which to me, is an usual yet an of great significance occurrence. Some of these might take place inside our home, or perhaps in a mall, or maybe on a park but hopefully, in some foreign countries. Another one is the get together that will surely ensue in the future with my friends, classmates, and buddies. I will try my best to feature the most spick and span photos here for there is always an inclination for us to take random photos that I think, solely us can take as something appreciable. In addition, my progress and furtherance in my academic facet will also likely be featured here. Since I have been fond of Korean dramas during these past days, I will certainly write some of my feedback after I watch them. In totality, I will inscribe my opinions, standpoints, comments, and narratives about personal issues and happenings here that I think is unfathomably compelling, sensible, apt, and personally important.

Traveling Experiences


As its name suggests, my travelingries will also be featured here. Photos that will be taken during the journey and wayfaring that I will eventually be partaking will always entail its respective contexts. I don’t have the sufficient and necessary skill to take a good photo but I will do my best endeavor to produce a good one.

As much as I love feasting my eyes with such picturesque view and engulfing my feelings with awe, I like to capture the moment that lifted me to reach a transcending amazement amidst that moment. In concomitance to this, posting those pictures is my attempt to share what I felt to my readers and let the same wonder surge within them.

I would feature as many photos as I can considering that I really appreciate the raw and natural beauty of nature.



Writing has been one of my gild-edged instruments that help me shun myself from melancholy and anxiety. It always give me a hand to always see the light even if I am veiled with utter darkness.

Ever since I found the words, it chiseled thoroughly inside my skin and found home somewhere in the most abyssal part of my heart. Poetry has been one of my languages and prose has been one of my discourses. I like writing for in writing, I find alleviation. I like writing for in writing, I am feeling. I like writing for in writing, I am more alive.

Needless to say, I will feature my poetry pieces here.